Tasmania,  Australia

 Our daughters and friend demonstrating the placid nature of the breed. 

^  Our youngest daughter looked the part in her Highland Coo t-shirt all the way from Scotland! 

 Poppy glowing golden in the afternoon sun with her beautifully brushed locks. 

The Small Farms Expo was run by the Huon Agricultural Society.   For more information, go to http://huonshow.com.au/small-farm-expo-22-march-2015/ or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/huonsmallfarmsexpo .


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Poppy a Hit at Huon Small Farms Expo

The weather was fine and smiles were abound at the inaugural Huon Small Farms Expo held on Sunday 22nd March at Ranelagh Showgrounds in Southern Tasmania.

We were very proud to hold our first exhibition stall on behalf of the Australian Highland Cattle Society and fielded lots of questions by a continual stream of interested patrons throughout the day (the Expo entry gate count registered 5,500 visitors!), whether it be from small farm landowners, dreaming-to-be small farm landowners or those just curious about the funny shaggy-haired cows we were representing.

Some visitors came to the Expo purely to see our Highland Exhibition!

We were particularly pleased to be able to exhibit our 19-month heifer "Poppy of Bairnsley",  Supreme Highland Exhibit at the

2014 National Highland Show at the Melbourne Royal (Read about Poppy's win here).   Poppy was an absolute hit with all Passers-by, and was a model example of the renowned quiet nature of the breed, spending the day happily (or at least patiently) being brushed, patted and even plaited!

See below for a few snaps of the day: